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Nature’s Joy necklace

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 40 cm







brass, labradorite, macrame cord, polymer clay

The contrast between the red of the mineral beads and the hues of the central stone make the Nature’s Joy necklace a strong accessory. Its natural colors and materials add some playfulness to a business woman’s clean elegance, but fans of more vivid tones can also easily pair it with their favorite outfits. No wonder its tasteful, rich colors conjure images of developing nodes and the magical properties of luscious nature.

The medals center is dominated by a colorful labradorite that whimsically shows various shades under changing light. This mineral is found in a polymer clay setting with a ceramic effect and well prepared Incan motives on its surface. A light copper bail connects to the medal thanks to a macramé cord, and the minerals of the neckline are also fixed in place thanks to such a macramé braid. Thus they will neither move, nor fall out of their place.

Weight: 20 g
Length: 40 cm



All our jewelry are handcraft products, each of them unique. Fort here are no two identical minerals, leather patterns or hammer strikes. The patterns of the labradorite in our Nature’s Joy necklace also take on a form of their own according to nature’s whim, while the beauty of the macramé work, or the polymer clay case lies in their handcraft creation as well. What the pieces do share however is the heart and soul of the craftsman and their careful handiwork.

Please make sure that no chemicals come in contact with your jewelry, including creams and perfumes as well. The necklace is meant to be an occasional wear. And while you of course wear it as long and as often as you wish, we do recommend due diligence and care. Don’t crease the macramé cord, and do not swim or sleep while wearing the necklace!


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The Creator: Mukiellő

I’ve made sculptures, I studied to be a ceramist, I have been a restorer. Creating is a kind of meditation, a reward from life. I love jewels with a bit of Indian, Mongolian or Native American trait, but I also lure Hungarian motifs into my works.
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