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Tribal jewelry

Summoning wild elementality, the balance of mankind and nature, they are made of natural materials as well: leather, shed antlers, tusk and minerals.

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Fantasy jewelry

Following the tradition of great classics, with the mediaeval vibe of swords, mythical creatures and magicka, materials include silver, copper and different minerals.

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New Arrivals

Here you can find our latest items. We endeavor to refresh our supplies to present ever more types of jewelry and ever more worlds of fantasy to you.

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Steampunk jewelry

Reaching back to the Victorian era, their aristocratic and nostalgic world is driven by steam power, the jewelries themselves are also characterized by elegant embellishment and many tiny cogwheels.

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About us

Have you ever tried finding a shaman necklace? Or a fantasy accessory that matches your office outfit? Fantasy jewelry is mostly marketed based on films and series, and the downside to mass-production is that it standardizes and follows fickle fashion trends. But if fantasy is more than a few series long phase for you, is a default template jewelry enough?

Merch-Hunter fantasy jewelry are premium artisan items. The materials, experience and careful craftsmanship all make their value last. Each of them is unique, since there are no two identical minerals, leather patterns or hammer strikes. Whether you are looking for a wearable fantasy jewelry for everyday use or a cosplay accessory, look around the Merch-Hunter jewelry webshop! We truly hope that you will find the one to sneak a bit of fantasy into your life!

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