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Payment information

Merch Hunter is based in Hungary, Europe. So all prices quoted are VAT included as per Hungarian law, which is 27%.

What are my payment method options?

When shopping on Merch Hunter you can pay via Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro and Amex Credit Cards. We are partnered with Barion to provide you a secure SSL connection and a safe processing of your payment.

What currencies do you accept?

To change currency access the dropdown list in the top left row of the menu. We show prices in different currencies, but do note, that we process each order in HUF. The amount will be withdrawn from your bank account in its own currency though.

Shipping and returns info

All orders are by default shipped from our Hungarian office using regular postal services. You can also upgrade your shipping to delivery via courier. Should you do so, the handling of your package and communication will be done by the courier as well.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to countries in Europe, Canada, the United States of America, New-Zealand and Australia. However we are eager to expand our list of possible destinations, so if you would like to order to a country not listed above, please contact us in e-mail. We will figure something out.
Please note that some countries do not have transferable tracking information available in case of standard shipping.
We do not ship to P.O. boxes or military bases and also ask you to double check the address you’ve provided. If you mistype the address, or use a different set of characters, your order might be delayed, in worst case it could even be cancelled. If a package is returned to us due to such an address, we can only refund the value of the ordered item(s) excluding shipping costs.

What are your shipping rates?

For orders above 100 USD (excluding VAT) we offer free worldwide shipping.
In case of smaller orders, we have flat rate shipping rates per country. So regardless of the quantity or size, you will pay the same amount for shipping. The easiest way to check your shipping cost is through picking a currency, placing your chosen item(s) in the basket and proceeding to checkout. There the shipping costs is detailed in your total amount.
Standard shipping are as follows (please note that the exact amount is subject to currency fluctuations):
• Hungary – 3.3 USD
• Europe – 13.3 USD
• Canada – 13.3 USD
• United States of Amerika – 13.3 USD
• New-Zealand – 15 USD
• Australia – 15 USD
Please note, that duties and customs might be applied to your package by your local government, or billed to you afterwards.

Will I need to pay international taxes & import duty?

Most international orders pass smoothly through customs. Sometimes however packages can be delayed due to security checks and occasionally you might even be required to pay additional local import duties and/or handling charges.
Unfortunately this is entirely out of our control, and we are not liable for such additional charges. Please check with your local postal service before ordering if you are concerned about this.

How long will shipping take?

We know you’d like to receive your Merch Hunter items as soon as possible, so we process and ship all orders within 1-2 business days. Once your order has been shipped, we will send a dispatch notification to the e-mail address you registered with when the order was placed. How long shipping itself takes is based on your proximity to Hungary as packages are sipped from Hungary – Budapest as well as customs regulations in your country.
Typical shipping windows are:
Hungary: 2 – 3 business days
Europe: 10 – 15 business days
International: 20 – 25 business days
Please note, that if you’ve pre-ordered items that are not in stock, it means that the artist needs to create it first. If this is the case, we will need about 2 weeks after you’ve placed your order.
We rely on international postal networks and while we do our best to make sure your items arrive within these timeframes we can make no guarantees regarding delivery times, especially in busy periods.

Can I change my order?

You’ve made a mistake? You changed your mind? We might be able to change your order if it hasn’t been shipped yet. Please contact us in e-mail as soon as possible and don’t forget to include your order number.

What should I do if I received the wrong item(s)?

First of all, we’re really sorry about that! If we sent you an incorrect item in your order, please send an email and let us know your name, order number and the item(s) you’re missing or received by accident. We’ll make sure to handle your case ASAP!

What is your return policy?

We truly hope you’ll love everything you order from us. But if for some reason you’d like to, you may return an item for refund within 30 days of receiving your original order with no questions asked. Please let us know within these 30 days by including your original invoice and we will refund the items price via your original payment method. You should also return the items back to us within 14 days of expressing your refund request and we also ask you to notify us when you’ve shipped the item(s). Once we receive this notification, we will begin the refund transaction. The amount might take up to 5 business days to be visible on your bank account in case of transactions.
Please note, that we cannot refund additional charges such as customs or taxes that may have been collected upon delivery. To refund these fees, please contact your local customs office.
Please also note, that the return shipping of the item will need to be covered by you. We are not liable for any returns lost in the mail, so please insure your package and save your tracking information. Our products need to be returned unworn.
If you’d like to return an item, please let us know in e-mail and we can instruct you how to proceed? We also appreciate any feedback you can give us regarding your decision!

Product info

Are your items warranted?

Each item is made of quality materials and created with care. From the date of delivery, our products are warranted for a period of no longer than 1 year. This warranty only applies if the item is not subject to abnormal usage or wear.
Reimbursed shipping will be covered by us 100% if shipped within the EU and up until the amount of 15 USD in other cases.
We are unfortunately unable to replace lost or stolen items.

What are unique design items?

All our products are handmade and unique, since there are no two identical pieces of leather, crystals or even two identical hammer strikes. But some of our items are also unique designs, meaning, the design itself was only created once. You cannot purchase two of such items, and it’s also not possible to pre-order them.

How does pre-ordering work?

In some cases we might be out of stock for certain items, however it’s possible to place a pre-order. In such cases we require up to 2 weeks in addition before we can ship your order, since the artisan needs to create your pre-order.

Who designed and created Merch Hunter items?

For each item, we display the creator, so you can get to know whose handiwork you’re looking at. For more information about our partners, visit the About us section.

Can I request a custom design?

For multiple reason, we do not take custom design orders. For one, we would like to allow our partners as much artistic freedom as possible, when creating each item. Secondly, we believe that for a custom design to be 100% satisfactory, you need to discuss the fine details. Preferably even meet in person and take measurements and measurements and when you’re done with that, take the measurements again, just to be sure. Our platform is not suitable for such in depth conversation, and we are not able to arrange a meeting for you with our artisan partners.

Are your items waterproof?

All items are water resistant, but most of them are not waterproof. We indicate in each case if you should take special care when wearing your Merch Hunter item. In general, it is best to avoid water when wearing leather or copper materials. Most of our items are considered occasional, and while you are of course free to wear them every day proper care is required as well as regular maintenance and keeping them well.

Can my order differ from the photos?

As all our items are handcrafted and made using natural materials, such as antlers, leather, wood, crystals or different metals, each item will have its own unique pattern and therefore be slightly different from the pictures. This is what makes each item truly unique.

Do your items require maintenance?

You can keep your items vital and vibrant by occasionally giving them some attention. It is a natural thing that wear and tear might cause discoloration on even the finest jewelry. But that occasional care can help give back your favorite jewelry its original shine.
First of all, keep our items dry and avoid chemicals, including perfumes and creams. You should especially avoid hot water.
Do not wear silver directly with gold or brass as it can cause discoloration.
Brass can also develop a black residue due to oxidation after some time. This is due to humidity, climate and weather, even the PH of your body. But don’t worry, if that happens, simply soak that material – only that material – in lemon juice for no more than 15 seconds and rinse in water. Polish it dry with a jewelry cloth and you’re done! You can also opt to purchase polishing products.

How long will your items last?

All pieces are made of high quality material and created with care, so may take joy in wearing them for as long as possible. With any type of jewelry, taking certain regular care of these items can help extend their lifespan.


I have issues placing an order

If you experience difficulties with checkout, try the following:

  • Empty the cookies in the browser that you are using
  • Switch to another browser
  • Switch to another device

These actions usually solve such issues. However if you’re still experiencing trouble, please contact us in e-mail.

I have issues with payment

If you’re facing problems when paying with a credit or debit card at checkout, try the following:

  • Double check your card details
  • Switch to another browser
  • Switch to another device
  • Make sure your card is open for international payments
  • Try another card

Contact your bank for further assistance

I have placed an order but I haven't received my order confirmation

You’ve probably entered your e-mail address incorrectly or added a different e-mail address. Please contact us in e-mail and describe the issue. Make sure to include your full name, the date of your order and the item(s) you’ve ordered.

I haven't received a dispatch notification of shipping

You should receive a dispatch notification when your order is shipped. If you haven’t received a notification, your order is probably not shipped yet. If you still haven’t received a notification after 5 business days, you may have provided an incorrect e-mail address or one that you haven’t checked. Please make sure you look for our notification under the same e-mail address you used with your account when placing the order.
If you haven’t received a notification for over 5 business days, you may have a pre-ordered item in your purchase. Such items need to be created by our partners and therefore require additional time, before they’re shipped.
If you received no notification for over 2 weeks, please contact us so we can look into your case and inform you about the status of your order.

My review isn’t showing

We frequently receive reviews and as publishers we need to double check their content. We need to make sure they are free from profanities, links or any inappropriate content. As such we are moderating reviews, and this may take some time. Please bear with us!

Have you not found an answer to you question?

For matters regarding an order, please contact us under!

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Would you like to work with us as an artisan of handcrafted creations?

We are always happy to meet creators who share our passion for fantasy and thrive to create inspiring, quality items. We’d love to get to know you and discuss a possible partnership! Please contact us and let’s have a virtual cup of coffee together! 😉