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Crystal jewelry

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Crystal jewelry always awed people. Whether it is the light captured within, the perfect geometry, the deep tones or the ethereal clarity of these stones that enchants, they have inspired countless legends and stories. No wonder many believe in the positive energies of healing crystal jewelry today as well. That captivation with the natural beauty of these forms is hard to think of as plain and simple.

In our crystal jewelry store, we’ve selected all those handcraft accessories that use a certain crystal in their decoration. Some of them are raw crystal jewelry, and some of them were shaped and crafted to a more disciplined jewel. You'll find various materials in our crystal jewelry shop, always according to our actual stock. Since most of these stones are unique, the artisans, who create Merch Hunter’s products usually use them to create a unique design as well. One that will not be recreated, and is one of a kind.

Thus you’ll find different crystal jewelry necklace, earring, ring, bracelet or other accessory pieces on this section of our store. During the crystal jewelry making, our artisan partners use various minerals and techniques to finish their gorgeous work, giving it their special touch and style. So you’ll come across some quartz jewelry, rose quartz jewelry, amethyst jewelry and many more in our shop.

Crystals in general are very characteristic, and especially in case of larger pieces, make up for quite dominant jewelry. Yet they are still considered feminine, or at least mysterious and mystical, depending on how they were crafted in the end. So should you be looking for a light, airy crystal bracelet, or a more prominent, commanding crystal ring, we hope you will find a piece of jewelry in our selection that speaks to you and will help to sneak some fantasy in your life!

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