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Jewel of Foams set

21 900 Ft

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Weight 18 g
Dimensions 23 × 19 cm

Classic fantasy, Office


Bracelets, Necklaces




pearl, pure copper

The delicate, pearl decorated copper chains offer a discreet accessory to any outfit, creating a harmonious look, that any manager-nymph, cubicle-fairy or siren in office disguise would envy. 😉 Blending well with elegant clothing, it even sneaks a little femininity into edgy outfits. No wonder, its gentle beauty reminded us of the bright foams of softly rippling sea waves.
Weight: 12 g
Length: 23 cm
Weight: 6 g
Length: 19 cm

The subtly glowing pearls are woven into the wire jewelry, each pearl thread into the wire-design. No glue was used to secure them. This technique makes sure you don’t have to worry about the binder inconveniently loosening and the pearls falling out. The central medals pattern was etched into a copper sheet, but even the S clubs are handcrafted, and made of copper too.

Unique Design

All our jewelry are handcraft products, each of them unique. Fort here are no two identical minerals, leather patterns or hammer strikes. The pearls on the Jewel of Foams also set take on a form of their own according to natures whim, just as the beauty of etching the central piece also lies in the fact that it creates the same pattern a little differently each time. What the pieces do share however is the heart and soul of the craftsman and their careful handiwork.


Please make sure that no chemicals come in contact with your jewelry, including creams and perfumes as well. Wearing copper can be accompanied by some natural skin stain. Some people never develop such marks, but if you happen to be left with a little greenish stain, don’t worry, it can be washed off. The climate where you live, the weather, humidity, even the acidity of your skin can affect if this happens or not, so in a way, that is also a unique characteristic.


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The Creator: Mithrillion

I believe in Uniqueness, I keep Traditions alive and I let Imagination soar. This is my dedication, and what has guided me for twenty years in a craft with a history of thousands of years. Those who know me are aware that it was the love of Middle Earth that steered me towards becoming a silversmith.
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