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A Lady’s Mail necklace

18 900 Ft

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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 15 × 9 cm

glass spear beads, silver coated copper


Classic fantasy, Office





Some say a true woman is prepared for practically anything with the right jewelry. That couldn’t be more true when that jewelry was actually created with the technique of chainmail. A Lady’s Mail necklace is both feminine and confident, imbuing its wearer with a mature charm. Its elegance goes well with both formal and office clothes, yet it is enchanting enough for even a powerful court wizard to pick it as her accessory.

Each chain on A Lady’s Mail necklace is made of silvery copper, distressed and polished by its creator. This is what gives the little metal rings natural shine. These rings, well fitted together, form a sort of „metal textile”, which lies beautifully on the chest, its ends decorated by light, glass dagger beads. Wearing is made is with hook clasps, and you can adjust the full length of the necklace with the 3 cm long extender.

Weight: 30g
Chain length: 27-30 cm
Chainmale width: 8 cm
Total neckline length: 35-38 cm

Unique Design

All our jewelry are handcraft products, each of them unique. Fort here are no two identical minerals, leather patterns or hammer strikes. A Lady’s Mail necklace however has only been created once, it is the only piece, the jewelry design itself is what’s unique. What this piece does share with all our selection however is the heart and soul of the craftsman and their careful handiwork.


Please make sure that no chemicals come in contact with your jewelry, including creams and perfumes as well. The necklace is meant to be a formal wear. And while you of course wear it as long and as often as you wish, we do encourage due diligence and care. Please don’t do sports and don’t swim while wearing it! Furthermore it is recommended to polish it with a jewelry cloth from time to time, so the chain and the chainmail regain their original shine.


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The Creator: TerraLegenda

Wow, how patient you are, they say, and I smile to myself because I know I am not. It’s persistence I have. Different mythologies, quasi-medieval, steampunk – I like to wander in space and time, hunting the beautiful, the meaningful and that which lifts me upwards.
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